LU500 LED & Commercial Family

LED Power Supply

A superior performance 500 Watt AC to DC power supply designed for LED and commercial applications requiring wide range input of 90 to 305 Vac. Highly efficient, LU500 product family has active current share for high power applications. All models are CE marked to low voltage directive and approved to EN60950 2nd edition.


  • 4" X 7.25" X 2.2Package
  • Up to 500W w/air
  • Universal Input 90 to 305Vac
  • Active current share
  • Class I Input
  • Approved to EN60950 2nd Edition
  • 93% Efficiency @ 230V Input, 92% @ 115V Input
  • 3 years warranty

Detailed Specifications

92% typical at 115Vac, 93% typical at 230Vac
Output Power
Up To 500W continuous with 200 lfm airflow, 50C ambient
Transient Response
500 uS typical for return to within 0.5% of nominal, 50% l
Voltage Adjustability
+/-5% from nominal
Minimum Load
Not required
Total Regulation
Overtemperature Protection
Provided, self-recovering, shutdown at TC 135C/115C
Over 500,000 hours, 25C Ambient, 115Vac input