MB65S Internal AC-DC Power Supplies

65W Single Output Medical, 4th ed EMC

New MB65S Medical Power Supply Series is a superior performance 65 Watt AC to DC power supply designed for next generation medical applications.


  • 2^ x 3.5"" x 1.3"" Package
  • 65W convection cooled
  • Universal Input 85-264Vac
  • Power ON LED
  • Approved to IEC60601-1

Detailed Specifications

AC Input
85-264Vac, single phase. (Safety Approved to 90-264Vac).
Input Current
1.5A at 110Vac, 1A at 240Vac
Inrush Current
40Arms Maximum within a half line cycle, cold start at 25C
Input Fuses
3.15A, 250Vac, line and neutral inputs
Earth Leakage Current
<350 µA@264Vac, 60Hz input, NC
Turn On Time
<2 Seconds at 110Vac.
Holdup Time
88% - 90% typical at 115/230Vac, 25∞C
Overload Protection
115% - 200% of rated output current value. Hiccup Mode, Auto-recovery
Short Circuit Protection
Hiccup Mode , Auto-recovery
Voltage Adjustability
+/- 10%, 48V is +/- 5%
Total Regulation
±1.0 % for all models.
Input-Output: 4500Vac, 2 x MOPP, Input-Ground: 1900Vac, 1 x MOPP, Output-Ground: 1900Vac, 1 x MOPP
Operating Temperature
-10∞ to +80∞C, -40∞C Startup
564,500 hours per Telcordia
140g, typical