Military COTS & Custom Solutions

Over 30 years of experience providing custom-power solutions for critical applications including military, medical, and industrial.

Ground-Based Mobile and Shipboard Power Solutions

Industry-leading COTS product breath combined with critical application, custom power solution engineering experience enables support of a wide range of shipboard and ground-based applications:

  • Shipboard power distribution, navigation, and communications.
  • Flight line power carts and aircraft test equipment.
  • Secure data and voice communications including hand-held crypto.
  • Air traffic control, battlefield asset tracking, and ground-based radar.
  • Ground mobile inverters, AC-DC power supplies, and DC-DC converters.
  • Mobile medical and gas/material detection equipment.

This 3-phase input, 30VDC @ 168A shipboard power solution is shown as two sub-assemblies in order to depict more detail.

Reliability, Performance, and Reduced Deployment Costs

SL Power Electronics has been increasing the reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of critical-application power solutions for over 30 years. The design expertise that has fueled this longevity includes:

  • Conservative component de-rating practices.
  • Advanced thermal management techniques facilitate convection-cooled operation in hostile environments.
  • Stringent MIL-STD and EN61000 compliances ensure reliable operation in environments with high EMI/RFI and frequent input-power transients.
  • Rugged mechanical designs survive the shock and vibration inherent in shipboard and ground mobile military applications.
  • Control circuits in battery chargers and inverters can be optimized to quickly charge and extend the run times.

Proven Long-Term Support Capabilities

Our engineering, logistics, and customer service functions remain committed to supporting the longer qualification and program life cycles common to military applications.

Consultative capabilities include assistance in specifying modified COTS and custom products including value-added solutions that integrate enclosures, system fans, EMI filters, logic boards, and wiring harnesses.

To discuss your military application, please use our technical support contact form or call us at a phone number listed on our contacts page.